The Marionne Ernst Gallery Delphini *Fountains of Flowers*

A FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHER has the ability to *CREATE* an experience, rather than just "take a photo.

She is known for taking photo,s from a

BIRD'S-EYE perpective and the composition is of ultimate importance

To capture the majesty of Gardens and inspire with the creative interpretation of the natural scene

Online Museum 

Roses. blossom, gardens, village views        *the beauty of nature*

Photo's, high quality to enrich your live. your environment, for events or a party.


 a *SPECIAL DESIGN* on high quality material.

 for your yacht, garden, bathroom, sauna or swimming pool.


for example an exclusive ORIGINAL!

You are welcome to contact me for information.

Marionne Ernst


                                                                          Online Museum

                                        *FOUNTAINS OF FLOWERS*  *FONTAINES DES FLEURS*

*****Art, digital products


*****Actual *Art design* products

Oilpaintings of Roses,


 Artcircle,s on highquality material, metal for decorating interieur and exterieur.   

All about photo,s of the most beautiful gardens, roses, flowers, blossom and villageviews. 

I have a passion for flowers, they enlighten your live.

Afther my academic degree in Art I visited gardens develloped an eye for the beauty, the color, composition, form and most important beautiful magical light. The photo,s on my store are uploaded in the higest quality so you can use them for many purposes. Like a photo in your interieur, an object for a painting, a digital gift, a poster or wallpaper for your computer, tablet or telephone.

Very honored to recieve on 16-9-2023 the

 * Career Art Award* for the artistic value of my work, from the Italian Artcritics

 Salvatore Russo & Francesco Saverio Russo In Casino Theater of SanRemo Italy Europe.

I recieved awards from Italian artcritics Salvatore Russo, Francesco Saverio Russo, Vittorio Sgarbi and Paulo Levi for my Artwork.

                                  Artistic value and my permanent contribution to the world of art.

                                             *Leonardo da Vinci* award Florence Italy 2020

                                             The best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2018

                                                                     For the Stylistic Value

                                               Premio Internazionale Arte Milano Italy 2017

                                         *Michelangelo* International Prize. Rome.Italy 2016

                                           The best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2016  

                                                      Many expo,s in Europe ,France, Italy, 

                                                   The Netherlands,Belgium and Germany.

Marionne Ernst

Designer Online Museum *Delphini* Fountains of Flowers* Artist, Photographer, Author.

About Me:

        "Beauty" in all its forms, the intensity the impressive power of nature, the diversity in expression, fascinates me daily, intrigues me. The mystery that I encounter in: all forms of communication through mind transfer, sound, shape, colour, parfum, taste and touch. The Sensation that all this brings. I am fascinated by the naturally attuned life forms. I walk in the woods, visit botanical gardens and beautiful magical privat gardens. I enjoy these beautiful places. In this way I come in contact with the creators of these gardens and enjoy their gorgeous designs and special qualities.

I Paint the Rose, you could say in butterfly perspective, to see the beauty in all its manifestations, to discover and show the essence of this flower, what specialty it has to offer.

August 2024 22 million vieuwers on my photo,s on google maps, added about 22827 photo,s, and I write revieuws of remarkable locations concerning flowers. I build up an archive over 399.900 photo,s of remarkable gardens, roses, blossom, flowers, village,s with a rich floral design  and as men, there is no creature, no being the same, each with its own identity and individuality. Not only the rose inspires me in my live, blossom, flowers, and everything that has beauty inspires me in my work, books, photography and in the paintings. 

Painting and Photography is a language.                                          Composition ,Line ,Form ,Collor and Light.                                                                 The final result is "Music" for the soul.

         To celebrate living and enjoying the beauty that surround us!

       Mental awareness and creation.

*I have an everlasting SPRING inside of me*

*Je sence a Printemps éternel en moi*

Marionne Ernst